May 12 2010 Edition

Irish Heritage Québec continues effort to move St-Pat’s plaque [photo]


St. Patrick’s High School displays  plaque commemorating the 78th Fraser Highlanders participation in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.  Irish Heritage Québec would like the plaque moved to an alternate location.


English parents group concerned about rights

Vive Parental Choice 002color.jpg

The English Parents' Committee Association is concerned that the Quebec government will follow the recommendation of the Conseil Supérieur de la langue française and invoke the notwithstanding clause that will again restrain accessibility to our English schools.

Board chairman statement out of line

The Quebec government is expected to make a decision quite soon concerning the access to English schools matter - the Bill 104 issue.

Canadian Forces in Netherlands celebration

A Canadian Forces contingent participated Sunday in the 65th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands with a parade in Apeldoorn.

It was in April 1945 that members of 1st Canadian Corps liberated the city of Apeldoorn from Axis forces. The operation, which lasted seven days, resulted in 506 casualties for the Canadians while at the same time capturing over 2,500 German soldiers.

Les Capitales hold open tryouts

Mark Jamescolor.jpg

Max Poulin was a shortstop on the move when he arrived at Stade Municipal for a tryout with Les Capitales about a decade ago.

Failing to catch on here, he went on the road to look for a job, finally landing in Winnipeg, where his defensive ability earned him a reputation as a solid ballplayer with a a long career with the Winnipeg Goldeneyes of the Northern League.

St-Pat’s Science Fair

Robotics Picturecolor.jpg

St. Patrick's High School has been particularly busy in the science department as students participated in the robotics competition held at the Musee de la Civilization on April 29. Raphael Beaulieu, Charles Catta, Alex Gordon, and Thomas Gordon represented St. Pat's at the third edition of the RECIT Robotics Competition.

Bruce Hicks wins the Moe Rosenhek Award

Bruce Hicks has been named winner of the Moe Rosenhek Award for his outstanding contribution to volunteerism within Québec's English-speaking community.

The signs of summer

Is it mid May already?

Will the Roman Catholic Church, which is world wide, crumble from criticisms of the Post-Modern Liberal Democratic Secular Consu

We all hear in the popular media about scandals in the Roman Catholic Church and how out of touch this organization supposedly is with today's world: It doesn't let priests marry, it won't ordain women, and it won't morally approve of homosexuality and gay marriage. Boy, is it ever out of touch with reality, eh?

Rahim Jaffer’s corporate welfare habit

Regardless of what one thinks about Rahim Jaffer's post-Parliament activities, or his recent testimony about assertions he improperly lobbied former colleagues, few people have noted an obvious point: someone first elected as a fiscally conservative Reform MP in 1997 was eagerly going after millions of dollars in taxpayer money.

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