March 2 2011 Edition

Julian Kuerti at the Morrin Centre

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Photo: Julian Kuerti , photo courtesy of Morrin Centre

In collaboration with the OSQ, the Morrin Centre is pleased to present the continuation of its Arts Matters program, a series of intimate talks with internationally renowned artists. These talks are moderated by Simon Jacobs and are always highly regarded amongst classical music lovers.

Arts and Entertainment in Quebec City

Photo: by Alexis B-C

Thursday, March 3, 8 :00 p.m. - Aurian Haller's poetry book launch at the Morrin Centre, 44 chaussée des Écossais. Aurian Haller is an award-winning poet and singer-songwriter. He is the lead singer in the Aurian Haller Band, whose unique blend of folk, rock and jazz is supported by Haller's haunting lyrics.

Life Long Learning Welcome Tea


On February 24, participants of the Life Long Learning program gathered at the Eastern Quebec Learning Centre for a Welcome Tea that was hosted by the steering committee. Participants were given the opportunity to ask questions about the program, meet the committee and the moderators, and most importantly, enjoy great food and great company.

Rise to the Health and Wellness Challenge

Members of the English-speaking community in Quebec City are being encouraged to enter the 5/30 Health and Wellness Challenge. The challenge, which is held annually, is an excellent opportunity to remind yourself and your family to eat right and exercise. The program's mandate is simple.

Quebec Heritage News seeking your stories about Marianna O’Gallagher

In commemoration of the life and achievements of the late Marianna O'Gallagher, the Quebec Heritage News is looking for short (300-400 words) personal reminiscences of Marianna for future publication. Marianna touched the lives of so many people in so many ways; we would love to hear your own story.


The Chronicle is now looking more and more like a good healthy weekly newspaper and not so much like a patient in the final stages of cancer.

Besides your hard work, I think that the absence of "controversial" opinion pieces may be one of the reasons for this positive change.

I've voted with my Visa card and have renewed my subscription for 2011.

The Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec is planning to build a new exhibition hall

As the first step toward making the necessary room for this project, the Musée intends to demolish the Dominican monastery adjacent to the Église Saint-Dominique.

Call this near-sightedness, call it selfishness, call it anything that compels a person or an authority to take the easy road out (If it stands in the way, down with it!).

Demolition of the Dominican convent to make way for new pavilion of the Musée des Beaux-Art

I happen to live directly across the street (Grande Allée) from the Musée Nationale des Beaux-Arts du Québec (MNBAQ) and will have a bird's-eye view from our balcony of the demolition of the former convent of St. Dominique's Church.



Quebec City Women’s Club hosts guest speaker

Photo: Jill Gagnon

The Quebec City Women's Club has been in existence since 1937, and its core goal of supporting education for women remains a priority. Throughout the year, the QCWC hosts special events and fundraisers, including the annual English Book Fair, which help to fund bursaries given to Quebec women enrolled in post-secondary education.

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