March 18 2009 Edition

Davie shipyard ramps up operations again and plans to hire 500 new workers


One of the offshore construction vessels to be built at the Davie shipyard in Lévis.

Larkin Kerwin boardroom inaugurated at St. Lawrence

Photo: Terry Kerwin

The memory of a man known for his great intelligence and compassion will now preside over the boardroom deliberations of the school he helped found.

Champlain St. Lawrence officially named its boardroom in honour of the late Dr. Larkin Kerwin in a ceremony that brought the school's administrators, the Kerwin family, and community members together last Friday.

Quebec City English school enrollment is increasing

The Central Quebec School Board is celebrating the news that it is one of the only regions to see an increase in enrolment in English public schools in the province.

Davie shipyard ramps up operations again and plans to hire 500 new workers

Photo: Courtesy of Davie Yards

Davie Yards Inc. is bucking the downsizing trend in the Canadian manufacturing sector by beginning a new hiring campaign for skilled labourers as it ramps up its shipbuilding operations again in Lévis.

Memorials and Things of Fame



The Morning Chronicle

A Wonderful First Time at the Shannon Irish Show!

A few lines to express my appreciation to all those involved in the organization of the 2009 Irish Show that took place in Shannon last Saturday. How could I have not gone in all my 30-odd years in Quebec City!

Conquest or Dialogue?

In light of the recent controversy in both the English- and French-language media concerning the National Battlefields Commission's wish to re-enact the Battle of the Plains of Abraham to mark its 250th anniversary , a few thoughts come to mind.

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