March 17 2010 Edition

Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day

After reading about the St-Patrick's Day parade in the Chronicle-Telegraph that is coming up this Saturday in Quebec City, I inscribed the date and the route in my agenda. I'll surely be out there along Saint Jean Street with my camera and wearing whatever green I can find.

O’Gradys honored at 44th Shannon Irish Show


Larry Hamilton has known Ellen and Gene O'Grady since they moved to Shannon from Limoilou with their then-young family just over 30 years ago and seen up close the couple give their energy to the community time and time again.

St. Patrick’s Day and drinking and driving

On March 17th everyone is Irish, and green will be seen throughout Canadian cities. However, St. Patrick's Day can be a dangerous holiday due to the large number of impaired drivers on the road.

Memorials and Things of Fame


Bill 104 and Anglo complacency

I was delighted to read the March 10, 2010, Canwest News Wire press release of the Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA). The association is planning to put up "billboards across the four corners of the province - from Bas St. Laurent to the North Shore up to Abitibi and down through Gatineau" promoting the English schools of Quebec.

From Book Fair to Bursaries

Over the years the members of the English-Speaking Community of the Greater Quebec City Region have been generous in donating their books to the used-book sale the Quebec City Women's Club runs on the last Saturday of October. This has become a huge community event. It provides a venue for old friends to touch base with each other and for new arrivals to meet English-Speaking Quebecers.

Congrats to Marianna

I am in Florida six months a year. I miss St. Patrick's Day immensely. I don't know if you know me but I used to sing in the pubs in Quebec, such as the Liquor store, the Vauxbraugh House and in earlier years La Brassery La Meunery. I worked at St. Brigid's Home for twenty-three years.

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