March 13 2013 Edition

News Digest for March 13, 2013

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Quebec independence could cause land claim issues

Photo: Gib McInnis

On March 6, a full house attended the Association of Graduate Students conference at Université Laval's Hydro-Québec amphitheatre. The theme explored was "How do Aboriginals fit in Quebec society?"

QCNA presents brief to the National Assembly re Bill 14

The Quebec Community Newspapers Association (QCNA) recently submitted a brief to the National Assembly of Quebec's Committee on Culture and Education as part of the General consultation and public hearings on Bill 14: An Act to amend the Charter of the French Language, the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and other legislative provisions.

Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

On March 17, millions of revellers from Dublin to Dubai will put on some green, march (or participate in) raucous St. Patrick's Day parades, and perhaps sing and dance until their faces become as red as a leprechaun's hair.

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
There was no organized out-door demonstration in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

CQSB to present brief before Bill 14 Parliamentary Committee

Photo: Photo by Gib McInnis

Public Meetings on Proposed Bill 14 (An Act to amend the Charter of the French Language)

Last December, with its publication of the proposed Bill 14, the government of Québec announced its firm intention to put an end, within the next three years, to all temporary certificates of eligibility presently issued to the children of members of the Canadian Armed Forces temporarily stationed in the province of Quebec.

It is clear that the publication of the proposed Bill has already

Building the Crashed Ice “benchmark”

crashed ice.jpg
Photo: Bethann G. Merkle

Red Bull says Quebec City is the benchmark, the model for the sport," affirmed Patrice Drouin, Gestev President, during a recent press tour of this year's Crashed Ice course. The reasons are the same ones that make so many local events into international attractions - picturesque Vieux-Québec, the city's tourist-friendly attitude, and world-class event production companies.

Les Boys are back to school

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

It was a busy and exciting week for some students at Quebec High School during March Break. On March 8, this writer dropped by the school and discovered a "Christmas Dance" taking place in the gymnasium.

March Madness at St. Lawrence

Men's Hockey

The St. Lawrence Lions men's hockey team just completed their regular season this past weekend. The Lions finished in second place overall with a 20 win-11 loss and 1 overtime loss record, for a total of 41 points. The Lions will now have to defend the provincial title which they have won for the past three years. Their quarter-final opponent will be the Jeannois from College Alma.

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