March 10 2010 Edition

Time for a shoeshine

Here I am sitting on a stool surrounded by a dozen pair of black and brown shoes.

About every three months I decide it's time to shine my shoes and boots. I take them all down to the basement and get out the wax and brushes. I not only do those that have lost their shine but the shiny ones too. It keeps the leather soft and supple.

St. Patrick's Grave Site in Downpatrick, Ireland

Irish Moutarde ready for St. Patrick’s Day

Photo: Christian Haerinck

"My brother and I were doing a lot of Medieval parties," said Christian Haerinck, "and we were friends with some Scots who did Medieval re-enactments and I would wonder why nobody played the bagpipes."

So began Haerinck's infatuation with the fabled Scottish instrument, which he has now been playing for 10 years.

Minister praises Paralympic team

Minister of State Gary Lunn this week praised the 2010 Winter Paralympic team members and Jean Labonte, the sledge hockey captain, on being named Canada's flag-bearer at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony in Vancouver on March 12.

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