March 10 2010 Edition

The Bellshrine of St. Patrick

Commissioned by Domnall MacLochlainn, High King of Ireland , between A.D. 1091 - 1105



Life of Saint Patrick can be read here


Clog-an-eadbacta Phatraic
A Social History of Ancient Ireland
P.W. Joyce 1903

More seal pups stranded on beaches

The Quebec Marine Mammal Emergency Response Network expects there will be more incidents involving seal pups stranded on beaches in the next few weeks. Poor ice conditions in the Gulf of St. Lawrence make it difficult for hooded and harp seal pups, normally born and nursed on the ice pack. This could mean very high mortality rates for seal pups born this winter.

Time for a shoeshine

Here I am sitting on a stool surrounded by a dozen pair of black and brown shoes.

About every three months I decide it's time to shine my shoes and boots. I take them all down to the basement and get out the wax and brushes. I not only do those that have lost their shine but the shiny ones too. It keeps the leather soft and supple.

St. Patrick's Grave Site in Downpatrick, Ireland

Minister praises Paralympic team

Minister of State Gary Lunn this week praised the 2010 Winter Paralympic team members and Jean Labonte, the sledge hockey captain, on being named Canada's flag-bearer at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony in Vancouver on March 12.

Irish Moutarde ready for St. Patrick’s Day

Photo: Christian Haerinck

"My brother and I were doing a lot of Medieval parties," said Christian Haerinck, "and we were friends with some Scots who did Medieval re-enactments and I would wonder why nobody played the bagpipes."

So began Haerinck's infatuation with the fabled Scottish instrument, which he has now been playing for 10 years.

Let’s not litter

In the 1950's and early sixties, when I started to own automobiles, there was no problem for garbage disposal. You just rolled down the window and threw out the cigarette butts, packages, cans, bottles and gum wrappers. It was done by everyone.

Lawyers salivating over governments’ sin taxes

In 2001, a class action suit was brought by 120,000 problem gamblers in Quebec. They demanded that the costs of treating their addiction be covered by Loto-Quebec - the quasi-crown corporation allegedly responsible for the personal and financial disaster unleashed upon their lives.

44th annual Shannon Irish Show dedicated to O’Gradys March 13th

Saturday night, the Catholic Women's League of Shannon will dedicate its 44th annual Irish Show to Ellen and Gene O'Grady.

Quebec housing starts rose in February

According to the results of the latest monthly survey conducted by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), residential construction rose in February in Quebec's centres with 10,000 or more inhabitants. In all, 1,947 dwellings were started in February 2010, compared to 1,410 a year earlier.

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