Letters to the Editor


Let me tell you how much I enjoy looking at the colourful front page of the QCT every week. You and your colleagues have a way to bring other people’s creativity to us! I told you you were our eyes on the city, so I thank you for that. Of course, I read the rest of the paper with the same interest...

Lucie Bouchard
Quebec City

Letter to the Editor: An American apology

An American apology

Dear Editor,

Operation Shoebox “Thank You”

Dear Friends, On behalf of the 679 seafarers on board 33 ships which visited the Ports of Quebec and St. Romuald during the Christmas season, we wish to express a most sincere thank you for the ‘shoebox’ gifts they received. Our thanks are addressed not only to the donors of the gifts but also to all the persons and groups whose support made ‘Operation Shoebox’ possible.

QAC’s 30th anniversary celebrations

It was wonderful seeing all those happy faces on the cover of the most recent Chronicle Telegraph to arrive at Boutilier’s Point. I could feel the positive energy and almost felt like I had been there.

Hello Shirley

Thank you for the lovely article you wrote about our Oktoberfest! Johanne, one of my choristers, commented on how well it reflected the evening, the choir and the whole context in so limited a space.
And thank you for breathing new life into the paper....!

- Katharina Urbschat, Professor of Music and German, Choir Director and organizer of cultural events

St. Matthew’s Cemetery

Last weekend [August 13-14, 2011] I finally revisited St. Matthew’s Cemetery on rue St. Jean and was so very happy to find it in excellent condition with all manner of folks enjoying the grounds and relaxing! I cannot thank Quebec City enough for its rehabilitation and ensuring that it remains so well maintained and respected. It really made my visit extra special!

Hans Raffelt

Bikers Beware

Last week I was hit by a car while riding my bike on Boulevard Laurier and tossed into westbound, oncoming traffic at about 3:00 pm. I was one block east of Holland and travelling east. Two good things came from this encounter, the first was that since I’m writing this piece. . .

Comment on Peter Stuart’s letter from last week

Letters to the Editor

I was horrified to read Peter Stuart’s commentary in last week’s Chronicle-Telegraph (Domestic terrorism and the role played by the west in its creation) which seemed to blame the death of 76 people in Norway, killed by Anders Behring Breivik, on Muslim immigration. Just a second? A native Norwegian kills other native Norwegians and somehow Muslim immigrants are at fault?

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