June 4 2014 Edition

Introducing the snipe, a flighty member of the sandpiper family

Photo: Photo by Lise Lafond

Looking out by the lake near our house recently, I observed a very special and beautiful sight. A flock of snipes were performing an aerial ballet.

The snipe has a round body, with a short neck and a long bill that looks too big for its body. This bill is very flexible and sensitive, and allows the snipe to hunt its food by feel while wading in mud flats.

Exotic animals, exotic sights and sounds at PEPS

Photo: Ruby Pratka

If you want to get to know a fox, it's helpful to learn the language.

"When they're frustrated, they go like this," says recreational fox breeder Anda Ceurezo, demonstrating a wolf-like howl. She holds a three-week-old baby fox, smaller than a newborn human and covered in thick, sand-coloured fur.

Can’t tour the St. Lawrence by boat? Why not by plane?

aerial shot.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

On May 28, this QCT journalist and other media representatives were invited to take a promotional boat tour around the Île-aux-Grues to observe razorbills (Alca torda), a species of small penguin-like seabirds that come to breed on the archipelago in the St. Lawrence River.

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