June 23 2010 Edition

Combat engineer 148th soldier to die in Afghanistan

Photo: DOD

The number of Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan since operations began in 2002 now stands at 148, with the death Monday morning of a soldier based in Petawawa, Ontario.

Québec City Student and QCT Contributor Heads for Harvard... and Loves the Challenge

Photo: Marie White

Ariane Litalien, a graduate of Collège François-Xavier-Garneau, is heading for Harvard. The International Baccalaureate student, who contributed articles to the QCT last summer, has been accepted by the prestigious Massachusetts ivy league university founded in 1636.

Gatineau university student videos Québec history


Olivier Hyland has his eye on Quebec history. His video camera does, too.

"I guess they put me here because Quebec City is at the center of it all,'' said Hyland, who hails from Gatineau. "When I took the test to get the job, they asked me where I preferred to work. I told them I would work anywhere in Quebec.''

The future of the Métis lighthouse could be decided this summer

Photo: Pauline Moisy

Historian Alexander Reford was the featured speaker at a talk held at the Morrin Centre last Thursday on the Métis lighthouse. He presented different issues related to the lighthouse's future, after giving some historical facts about the building which is located 360 kilometres from Quebec City.

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