July 28 2010 Edition

Municipal Court procedures not easy on city’s Anglophones

As Quebec City continues and the presence of Anglophones within it, available services can still be difficult to find unless one knows where to look.

Provincial and municipal services are provided mainly in French since it is the province's official language. How does the city respond to the needs of those who do not speak French? Do they get fair treatment?

Elimination of census long form prompts QCGN complaint

Photo: Patrick Doyle, The Canadian Press Images

The federal government's decision to discontinue mandatory completion of the long form in the Canada's next census has drawn widespread opposition, provoking an investigation by the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, a complaint from a high-profile Quebec organization, and even inspiring a song from a Toronto-based volunteer social services outfit.

Summer heat is tough on calèche horses


This summer's long heat wave combined with abnormal levels of smog and humidity has affected affected everybody from human beings to . . . horses.

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