July 27 2011 Edition

Swatch FIVB World Tour puts Quebec City on international sports scene


Finalists compete for the gold and silver medals men’s teams from the United States. Photo: Maire White

Wendake’s great annual Pow Wow!

Photo: Marie White

Since 2001, Wendake has been organizing its annual Pow Wow that dazzles Quebec City locals and visitors.

Treating Depressive Symptoms without Medication

The Potential of Activation


Photo: Bill Cox

This is the title of the sculpture, depicting horses, gifted to the citizens of Quebec City in 2008 to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the founding of the city on July 3, 1608.

It was donated by the City of Calgary and the Calgary Stampede,the Siebens family of Calgary and Penn West Energy and was unveiled September 30, 2010.

French-Canadians in the Armed Forces: A Historical Perspective

Many people in the province of Québec, especially its secular-left wing nationalist elite, purport to speak for all Québecers when it says that we are a peace-loving, non-violent society who abhor violence of any form and who are against Canada’s participation in any foreign conflict, such as the two World Wars, as well as the current mission in Afghanistan.

Former QCT Publisher, Karen Macdonald

Karen MacDonald - Lomgueil.jpg
Photo: Bill Cox

It really is a small world to have heard of Karen Macdonald through a chance meeting with my daughter Maureen Cox. Karen was the Publisher of the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph when I started contributing articles in 2001.Their meeting and the link to me was quite a coincidence.

Memorials and Things of Fame for July 27, 2011

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