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Issue July 20, 2016


Red Hot Chili Peppers at FEQ: plenty of heat but no fire

red hot chilisjuly202016.jpg
Photo: Renaud Philippe - FEQ

John Neilson celebrates his 240th birthday!

John Neilsonj202016.jpg
Photo: Allison Kirkwood

There was a very special birthday party in Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier on Sunday, July 17.  The Honourable John Neilson turned 240 years old!  

As you may know from previous QCT articles, it was John Neilson who, in 1816, put out the call for settlers to create a village in the Jacques Cartier River valley. 

“Prairie boy” recruits newcomers with expats blog

Taylor Irelandjuly202016.jpg
Photo: Taylor Ireland

The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph (QCT) is proud to announce that one of its own, general manager Taylor Ireland, is working on a blog project with Québec en Tête (Quebec First) called Expats au Coeur de Québec. The QCT will be printing his entries as a monthly feature.

A prairie boy’s take on life in Quebec City

This blog entry first appeared on quebecentete.com May 6, 2016.

Catching up on the interim


Where was I? 

Memorials and Things of Fame


The Morning Chronicle

John Neilson tours Pine River

Pine Riverj202016.jpg
Photo: Allison Kirkwood

The story behind Nelles Street

Photo: Bill Cox

Rue Nelles was named in honour of Admiral Percy Walker Nelles (1892-1951), who was born in Brantford Ontario. In 1929, Nelles was appointed commanding officer of HMS Dragon and two years later he took command of HMCS Saguenay – the first destroyer built for the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). 

A “Ferry Crowded House” at Festival d'Été

Duran Duranj202016.jpg
Photo: Jay Ouellet

There was a certain familiarity to Neil Finn's stage manner, when the lead singer of the Australian/New Zealand group Crowded House opened the night’s performances on Friday, July 15, on the Bell Stage. Indeed, it was a Finn family affair, including his wife Sharon on bass guitar and sons Elroy (drums) and Liam (guitar).

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