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Aurian Haller Band heats up the Edwin Bélanger Bandstand

On a warm summer's evening, nothing beats a stroll in the park and listening to some great music at the Edwin Bélanger Bandstand on the Plains of Abraham.

Encore! Encore! A standing ovation at the first Midi en Musique concert

encore encore.jpg
Photo: Photo by Kasia Borkowska

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is not only one of Quebec City's most historically significant landmarks - it was the first Anglican cathedral outside of the British Isles, built between 1800 and 1804 - but it is also one of its most sophisticated acoustically.

Vanessa Lynn Rancourt’s Theatre Showcase builds Franco-Anglo bridges

Photo: Photo by Kasia Borkowska

Imagine you're an aspiring actress, negotiating the turbulent waters of Hollywood, attending the reputable Acting Corps school, hoping to make it big. Your student visa expires and you are faced with a decision: do you renew it and continue living your dream in one of the most exciting cities in the world, or do you go home to Saint-Georges, Quebec?

Would you like to receive a copy of the QCT’s special 250th Anniversary Edition?

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This 56-page glossy magazine, published on June 21, 2014, contains commentaries from Ray and Stacie Stanton, the owners and publishers of the QCT, along with an introduction from the magazine's editorial team.

Nine distinguished contributors - including members of the city's English-speaking community, an editorialist from Le Soleil, a former U.S.

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
Shortly after nine o'clock yesterday morning, the sky, which for some time previously looked threatening and showery, grew extremely dark as if a thunder storm wer

Street views: The story behind the name of Rue Manoir-Atkinson

Photo: Photo by Bill Cox

Rue Manoir-Atkinson is a cul-de-sac located in Sainte-Foy on the heights of Cap Rouge. It is named after Henry Atkinson (1790-1865), who owned a manor built in the 19th century in that area. Born in York, England, Atkinson arrived in Quebec City in 1812 and soon made his fortune in the lumber business. In partnership with his brother, they purchased a vast concession of land on Cap Rouge.

250th anniversary video and interviews on YouTube


As part of our anniversary celebrations, the QCT teamed up with videographer Justyna Lemieux-Lefebvre to produce a commemorative video: "Chronicling our community for 250 years." This video was screened for the first time on June 20, 2014, at the Morrin Centre.

Now, the video, and out-takes from some of the interviews conducted during the filming process, are all available on the QCT's

The art of clockmaking on show at the Musée de la Civilisation

For the 400th anniversary of the Ville de Québec, the people of the canton of Jura, Switzerland, gave the City a state-of-the-art clock dubbed Bonheur. It will be installed this fall in the garden park on the south side of City Hall.

Drawn to Quebec: St. Matthew’s bells

Photo: Illustration © Bethann G. Merkle, 2014

For over 130 years, the spire of St. Matthew's Anglican Church has pierced the air above St. Matthew's cemetery. During that time, much has changed beneath and around it, but little has changed within.*

Designed by William Tutin Thomas to house a set of change-ringing bells, the tower has presided over Rue Saint-Jean since 1882. Countless ringers from the far corners of the world have rung St.

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