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News Digest for July 18, 2012

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Quebec City’s summer musical Festival d’Été 2012 the best ever!

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Photo: Photo by Jay Ouellet

Mother Nature smiled down on Quebec City this past week as the Plains of Abraham were taken by storm by hoards of adoring music fans, like lemmings swarming to . . . see some of the greatest musicians perform on the the Bell stage during the 45th Festival d'Été de Québec.

White Birch paper mill reopens in August

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

On Thursday, August 2, the White Birch paper mill in Quebec City will get back in operation after seven months of closure. The official announcement was made late last week. How many of the 600 employees will then return to work on opening day and in the long run? The answer remains uncertain.

Sea Shanties at the Morrin Centre

Photo: Photo by Shirley Nadeau

Douglas Renfroe gave a masterful presentation in word and song at the Morrin Centre on Sunday afternoon.

Memorials and Things of Fame


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The second season of Ozalik premieres July 17

Photo: Marie White

Ozalik was launched last summer in Wendake's open-air amphitheatre and is back to great acclaim. The new season premieres July 17 and will run until September 1.

A modern interpretation of Quebec’s history

Photo: Bethann G. Merkle

Harold Rhéaume's contemporary dance piece, Je me souviens, debuted its 2012 season last weekend. Inspired by various events in Quebec's past, the piece is characterized by uniformity contrasted with the dancers' individual expressions, and underlined by a blend of percussion and droning sing-song reminiscent of Gregorian chants.

Charles Dickens . . . from London, 2012

Photo: Photo by Marie White

I just spent a wonderful time in England for my vacation and I had the great pleasure of seeing Charles Dickens very fondly remembered and honoured two hundred years after his birth. I am currently reading his biography entitled Dickens of London by Wolf Mankowitz. Dickens was first published as a writer while he was a reporter for the Morning Telegraph.

Charles Dickens visit to Quebec

Photo: Image from Wikipedia

Quebec City has long been a source of inspiration for delightful descriptive pieces by the world's leading writers. When any of these visited the city they never could resist reaching for their pens. The great English novelist Charles Dickens was no exception.

Cinéma Cartier adapts to the digital age by opening two new screening rooms

Photo: Alexandre Sheldon

Lovers of the silver screen and cinephiles of all ages will be happy to know that Cinéma Cartier will be adding two new screening rooms to its movie theater. This expansion, which will double the number of seats in the movie theater, represents an investment of approximately $500,000.

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