January 4 2012 Edition

Community comes together for Christmas Hamper Campaign



Derek White and daughter Meaghan help load hamper boxes and potatoes into volunteer’s trunk on hamper delivery day.


VEQ’s Holiday Happy Hour

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

On Thursday, December 15, members of Quebec City’s anglophone community enjoyed a Holiday Happy Hour in the Morrin Centre, hosted by the Voice of English-speaking Quebec, in partnership with the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec.

New Year’s celebrations on Grande Allée

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

After huge successes in 2009 and 2010, merchants of Grande Allée outdid themselves by offering a breath-taking New Year’s celebration again this year. The festivities actually began on December 27 and lasted until New Year’s Day, to the elation of young and old alike.

Wendake’s Christian Laveau with Gilles Siouï launch Sondakwa


On December 21 at the Hotel‐Musée des Premières Nations, Huron-Wendat Christian Laveau accompanied by a team of local talent launched Sondakwa, a collection of traditional songs inspired from his ancestors to which he adds some folk and New Age touches.

An interview with Viorel Balan of the Moscow Ballet

Photo: Marie White

The Russian group made its first stop here since its creation almost twenty-five years ago to perform Shakespeare’s classic play Romeo and Juliet as interpreted by Sergei Prokofiev on January 4. Viorel Balan, the development director of the Moscow Ballet, was in Quebec City on December 14 to organize the upcoming performance and discussed the production with QCT reporter Marie White.

The Sheepdogs: a small-town band doing big things

Photo: Amanda Halm

On December 5, flannel-clad fans packed Chez Dagobert to see a private show by The Sheepdogs, a Saskatoon band known for a rolling 70s sound, disheveled tresses, and an electrifying live performance.

Canadian Figure Skating Champion Brian Orser


Former champion figure skater Brian Orser was at the recent International Skating Union (ISU) Grand Prix competitions held in Quebec City. He is the current coach of Javier Fernandez who won the men’s bronze medal to become Spain’s first finalist ever. Orser, who just turned 50, was the 1984 and 1988 Olympic silver medalist, 1987 World champion and the 1981-1988 Canadian national champion.

The Sons of Ireland Found


Irish Heritage Quebec AGM

Photo: IHQ

Irish Heritage Quebec held its Annual General Meeting on December 12 in McMahon Hall, in Quebec City. Immediately following the meeting, Irish Heritage Quebec presented a plaque to Simon Jolivet in recognition of his impressive contribution to the study of Irish nationalism in the province of Quebec during the period 1898 to 1921 and for his excellent book Le Vert et Le Bleu.

Signs of our spiritual life – a contemporary epiphany

Very few people I meet in my day-to-day routine contest the fact that we live in highly secularized world. Indeed, I am not sure that many of them view this as a significant issue. That being the case, I went to my Funk & Wagnall’s Canadian College Dictionary to look up epiphany.

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