January 27 2010 Edition

Québec City Kebs play double whammy

Saturday provided a double whammy for the Quebec City Kebs, who not only lost a heartbreaker to the Maryland Greenhawks in the season's first meeting between the two teams, but also saw centre Jonas Pierre go down for the season during what has become a difficult road trip for the locals.

Québec City artist James Cameron


Shirley Nadeau correctly identified James Cameron, a member of the congregation at Chalmers-Wesley,  cabinetmaker, furniture restorer and photographer, as the artist pictured in last week’s Mystery Photo.

Memorials and Things of Fame


Plains of Abraham - battlefield for Québec’s nationalist seperatism

The sun was setting on the Plains of Abraham. As I prepare to sit down near a Martello Tower, I heard muffled voices on a loud speaker. I knew the 120 readings from Quebec history was happening, but I had only fleeting thoughts about attending the controversial ceremony. Curiousity drew me in, and I gingerly approached the dell where the podium was located.

More troop deployment to Haiti from Base Valcartier

A new, smaller contingent of soldiers from the Canadian Forces base at Valcartier left for Haiti this week to fortify the Canadian Forces effort toward helping that country recover from this month's devastating earthquake.

California festival features Québec films

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival will mark its 25th anniversary next week with a special sidebar featuring more than a dozen films during a sidebar entitled "Focus on Quebec," including the latest effort from the director of the internationally acclaimed "Horloge Biologique."

Monica Warren (nee Hewitt)

Monica Warren (nee Hewitt) passed away peacefully at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre on Saturday, 23 January 2010, days shy of her 88th birthday on January 31st. Loving mother of Rosemary of Toronto and Dale of Waterloo and proud grandmother of Theo and Rieki Van Den Hurk.

Haiti donations will be tax deductible

Mechanisms will be set up to enable those Quebecers who so wish to deduct, in their 2009 tax return, donations of money made from January 12 to February 28, 2010, to charities to assist victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Deaf to the needs of the Anglophone education sector

As a retired teacher of English at the senior level, permit me a perspective on the recent news concerning the final English matriculation exam. First though, it is significant to know that this problem is nothing new - it's 22 years old. Let me elaborate.

Dementia in Canada: Important work on hold while Stephen Harper shuts down Parliament

Stephen Harper's decision to shut down Parliament in a secretive, undemocratic gesture on December 30th has generated a lot of discontent among Canadians.

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