January 20 2010 Edition

Continentalism and Québec Sovereignty

I often ask myself the question: What earthly good do the Parti Québécois and the Bloc Québécois think they're doing within the context of today's post-modern political landscape?

Finding care for mental illness

Dealing with mental illness can be difficult enough. Finding care for it can be doubly so.

"Sometimes it's difficult to know which way to turn," says Blanche Moskovici, an Ami-Québec Support Councillor, responsible for coordinating the English community support network outside of Montreal.

BILODEAU, Paul-André 1931-2010

BILODEAU, Paul-André

At Michel-Sarrazin’s house, on 12 January 2010, Paul-Andre Bilodeau passed away, at the age of 78, husband of Mrs. Patricia Sheila Patterson.  He resided in Quebec.

Quebecers donate to World Vision

Quebecers have so far contributed over $406,291 to World Vision's efforts to support the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Donors in Quebec sponsor 1,249 children in Haiti through World Vision. Staff in Haiti are working around the clock to ensure the safety of these children.

Ethanol: What about starving populations?

Newspapers reported last week that the federal government ordered a study of the environmental impact of making ethanol and biodiesel. The main reason for that study was evidence of harmful environmental effects from ethanol plants and amid growing criticism of biofuel technology.


Loss of life in Haiti is immense

Photo: Ken Schankler

Marcel Auguste feels lucky that his numerous nieces and nephews still living in Haiti survived last week major earthquake, surviving as they are with major hardship from what he termed a "natural phenomenon."

"It's a natural phenomenon," the retired CEGEP Ste-Foy professor, 78, said. "It's not specific to Haiti."

Healthcare wait times are are not humane

The Wait Time Alliance has added the Canadian Association of Paediatric Surgeons as its 14th member.

Irish Moutarde spreads folklore the modern way

"The whole thing is Irish, whether it's folklore or songs by Irish rock bands. There's not a lot of people who know the Irish music."

Parks Canada announces investment in Quebec City’s fortifications

Jim Prentice, Canada's Environment Minister and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, has announced major investments in the Fortifications of Quebec National Historic Site. This announcement is part of Canada's Economic Action Plan.

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