February 24 2021 Edition

The Village Nordik is ‘fishing’ for business

Photos by Cassandra Kerwin


Ice fishing at the Village Nordik requires specialized tools: a perforated stainless steel ladle to clear ice fragments from the fishing hole, a fishing rod and a rod holder, which is useful while waiting for the fish to bite.  

What if Quebec was truly ‘free and capable’ to bolster use of French?

It may be foolish to draw an existential political lesson from a rather superficial sitcom, but anyway, here goes.

Searching the QCT archives for John Williams


22421_black history building.jpg
Photo: Screenshot from Google Maps

Recent research by local historian Jean-François Caron has turned attention to a certain John Williams during Black History Month. Born in Quebec City in 1834 to Thomas Williams, a Jamaican, and Catherine Quinn, who was of Irish heritage, Williams was a successful local businessman who operated a barbershop in Old Quebec with his brother James for 50 years.


22421_memorials general.png
Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

February 26, 1821 – The Quebec Gazette
A comet was distinctly visible on Saturday night, in a north-westerly direction from this city – the tail was large but the light faint.
Note from Lorie: The parabolic comet C/1821 B1 (Nicollet-Pons), identified in 1821, was most likely the comet referenced in this notice. (Source – NASA.gov)

STREET VIEWS: The story behind Rue Lavigueur


22421_street henri.jpg
Photo: Wikimedia Commons-Public Domain

A street, a stairway and a bridge are named in honour of Henri-Edgar Lavigueur (1867-1943), who served as the 27th and the 32nd mayor of Quebec City. Born in Quebec City, he was a co-founder of the Lavigueur and Hutchison Company, which sold sewing machines and musical instruments.

Local entrepreneur builds businesses and builds community

Photo: Courtesy of Michelle Osbourne

When Michelle Osbourne first arrived in Quebec City seven years ago to live with her partner, she felt like a fish out of water. She left behind a thriving business and a circle of friends in Toronto and arrived in la Vieille Capitale speaking no French, relying on her partner for basic errands and wondering what she was doing.

The MCQ reopens with the magic of 'Special Effects!'

Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Who hasn’t wondered how Keanu Reeves dodged bullets in The Matrix, or how Andy Serkis transformed into Gollum in The Lord of the Rings? How long have special effects been a part of cinematography?

APPELE-Québec urges Quebec government to extend mail-in voting

22421_appele logo.png

The Alliance for the Promotion of Public English-Language Education in Québec (APPELE-Québec) welcomes the Quebec government’s proposal to expand the use of mail-in ballots during November’s municipal elections, but wants the government to go further.

CAQ to draw own tramway route as spat continues with city

Political confusion and conflict continue to block the way forward for Quebec City’s $3.3-billion tramway plan. Just when Mayor Régis Labeaume thought he had momentum on his side last week, reports surfaced that the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) government is planning to take control of the project.

Liberal critic for capital region defends outsider status

22421_liberal critic.png
Photo: Quebec Liberal Party

The newly named Liberal critic for the Capitale-Nationale region has quickly found herself in the fray over the city’s proposed tramway project. She is also unabashed that the Liberal watchdog for Quebec City should be an MNA from Montreal.

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