February 23 2011 Edition

Looking forward 34 years after the fact: Bill 101

Nearly three weeks ago, Maxime Bernier made a statement during a radio interview that questioned the necessity of Quebec’s Bill 101. The flurry of press that followed that interview has re-opened the debate on the sensitive questions of language here in the province.

Imagination in Wonderland at St. Lawrence College

Alice 2.jpg
Photo: CEGEP St. Lawrence

“Dinah! Oh, Dinah! Where are you?,” calls Alice as she searches for her cat, unaware that she is about to fall into the “rabbit hole” where the world of Wonderland will come alive and transport the girl into a world of fantasy.

Book launch: Song of the Taxidermist poems by Aurian Haller

Poetry author and singer-songwriter, Aurian Haller, has launched a new book, Song of the Taxidermist, and has succeeded in once again creating a sense of fascination and unease in his work.

School Board Executive Committee meetings still not fully open to public scrutiny

Allow me a comment following the remarks of Marcus Tabachnick, chairperson of the Lester B. Pearson School Board, concerning webcasting of school board meetings, and the openness of its executive committee meetings, in your February 16 piece titled:

“The National Assembly respects the principles of democracy while the Lester B. Pearson School Board might be slightly off”

Quebec hosts hockey’s up-and-coming

Photo: Jill Gagnon

For over 50 years, Quebec City has been the host of the most important minor hockey tournament in the world, The Quebec International Pee Wee Hockey Tournament. The competition, which was held at the Pepsi Coliseum, ended on February 20 and featured more than 2,600 of hockey’s brightest young stars from 16 countries.

Thank you for your patience

Since the publication of our “first” issue on December 8, we are happy to report that we are now assembling a team that allows us to increase the number of articles and features on events of local and provincial significance. During this period, we have been greatly assisted by the hard work of Quebec City’s Shirley Nadeau.

Gabriel Ahmad wins the Montreal Regional Canspell 2011 National Spelling Bee with “aplomb”

Gabriel Ahmad2.jpg
Photo: Courtesy of Ramona Crane

Gabriel Ahmad of St. Vincent Elementary School in Quebec City won the Montreal Regional competition of the Canspell National Spelling Bee on Sunday, February 20.

George Beverly Shea receives Lifetime Achievement Award

George Beverly Shea, or “Bev” as he was familiarly known, received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammy Awards ceremony held on February 13, just 12 days after his 102nd birthday.

Bev must be living right and keeping good company, having been with the Reverend Billy Graham on most of his Evangelical Crusades over the past 60 years. Rev. Graham, too, is still going strong at age 93.

The Poet and the Muse: John Hart Whitt’s Visitations

John Hart Whitt and Visitations source Marie White.jpg
Photo: Marie White

“Poetry is the Muse. Poetry is tradition. Poetry is form.
Poetry is symbol. Poetry is the poet,” writes Whitt in a stellar preface.

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