December 16 2009 Edition

CQSB Students pose with Taryn Tomlinson from the Canadian Space Agency

“QESBA and CSBA negotiating for National Association office to be located in Quebec”

Permit me to link an article, a Public Notice announcement, and a job posting - all from the Montreal Gazette to support simple suggestions respectfully submitted to the Minister of Education, Michelle Courchesne.

Memorials and Things of Fame


The Morning Chronicle

Was it genocide?

So the Quebec National Assembly has passed judgment on the policies of the former Soviet Union in the 1930s? What do they know? (Chronicle-Telegraph, 9 December)

Possible police state - bill C-6: Consumer Product Safety Act

Bill C-6, the Government's proposed Consumer Product Safety Act, is now before the Senate. Last Thursday, I tabled amendments to the powers of an inspector under the bill. The Government wants those amendments rejected. I would like to set the record straight about why those amendments are necessary to protect Canadians.

New Nordiques a no-go le but!

‘'Le But'' of certain higher ups in city government and perhaps certain local business interests is to find several hundred million dollars or so to prove once and for all that Quebec City is not, as the Commissioner or President or whatever he is called said the last time we had a big league hockey team, ‘'the smallest market in professional sports.''

Boutique de Noël has “secret passage” to holiday treats

Photo: Ken Shcankler

Le passage secret lay before them, the five-year-old girl and her younger brother entering the mystery corridor they believed would take them to Santa Claus and the North Pole, but only if they had been good.

Important project at DDO School honors Valcartier soldiers in Afghanistan


The parents, staff and students of Dollard-des-Ormeaux School honoured soldiers in Afghanistan during an afternoon ceremony at the school Dec. 8.

The school band played the Canadian national anthem, after which principal Emily Lagloire gave a speech in English and French highlighting the strong connection between C.F.B. Valcartier and the school.

Stephen Burke elected Chairman of Central Québec School Board; replaces Michele Morin-Doyle

Photo: Daniel Neville

Stephen Burke is the new Chairman of the Central Quebec School Board Council of Commissioners. Burke, who was vice-chairman of the CQSB, replaces Michele Morin-Doyle, who resigned as chairwoman and as a member of the school board following her election earlier this year to City Council on a slate led by Mayor Regis Labeaume.

Your library needs

Morrin Centre is looking to find ways to make their library services more accessible

Photo: Morrin Centre
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