December 15-31 2010 Edition

Au Royaume du Père Noël [Photo]


Photo by Chris Luckhardt - Quebec City - Au Royaume du Père Noël - The world’s largest permanent miniature Christmas village exhibition, Au Royaume du Père Noël (the Kingdom of Santa Claus) is a 1600 sq. ft. interactive exhibit representing a festive, snow-covered Québec City of yesteryear. 43, rue De Buade, 2nd floor.

LHSQ/Morrin Centre Receives Grant

Photo: Patrick Donovan

During the cocktail party before the Literary Feast held at the Morrin Centre last Tuesday, Madame Christine St. Pierre, Minister of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women presented LHSQ President David Blair with a cheque in the amount of $136,000.  The funds are to be used for the ongoing restoration work of the Morrin Centre.  

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announces construction of natural gas pipeline in Thetford Mines

Thetford Mines, Quebec - Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced on Monday, December 13,  that the federal Government will support economic diversification in the Thetford region by helping finance the construction of a natural gas pipeline between Vallée-Jonction and Thetford Mines.

A spiritual home

Today we need to befriend religious questions rather than dismiss or psychologize them. If we attempt an honest questioning of the underlying assumptions to our religious and spiritual beliefs which we have identified as a problem for us in the spiritual life, we are often frustrated.

Who is Santa Claus, anyway?

In the late 1930s I was the only grandchild on the maternal side of our family, and most certainly the apple of my grandfather Brathwaite's eye.

The Little Santas Who Could

Photo: Florian Tiedemann

They were little Santas. Then, in this advent season, they gave birth to something beyond themselves.

Before becoming 2,250 Santas, they were wooden dowels. The Very Rev. Christian Schreiner, dean of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity and rector of the Anglican parish that worships there, and his wife, Esperanza Rada, cut them into three different lengths with an angled plane at one end.

Christmas Celebrations

Members of my congregation are presently getting ready for our annual bilingual Christmas Eve celebration. There will be music - with professional musicians and a guest soloist. There will be scripture readings - in both official languages. There will be prayers - also in both official languages.

A Commentary on English School System in Quebec

As the first decade of the new millennium ends, it may be an opportune moment to consider the English school system in Quebec, most particularly, in Montreal.

Report on Synod 2010 Anglican Diocese of Quebec

The Bishop's charge began with a quote from his Synod 2009 charge, which touched on the essential. Bishop Drainville said, "God is calling us individually and collectively to show our faithfulness by becoming pioneers again....

Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

Dr. Joanne Liu, a former student at Champlain St. Lawrence College, paid this year's students a greatly appreciated visit in October. This renowned humanitarian had much to say about the recent tragedy that occurred in Haiti.

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