December 1 2010 Edition

Living to 100

People born 100 years ago would typically live to the ripe old age of 50 years, while children born this year are expected to live longer than 80 years. A study of centenairians reveals some general guidelines that you can use to help extend your own life, regardless of your current age.1. Be born a female. Hard to do much about this, but females have been outliving males for centuries.

Local author launches young adult Science Fiction novel


Letter to the Editor by Chris Eustace

As a subscriber and a frequent letter-writer to the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, I was most pleased to read that businessman Ray Stanton came to the rescue in resurrecting the paper that has been around for about 250 years.(National Post, Nov.27, "Quebec's English paper is not closing")  

QAC Presents Agatha Christie Mystery this Week

Photo: Ladd Johnson

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement after learning of the death of Canadian actor Leslie Nielsen:

Photo: Jerry Angelica Creative Commons License

"Laureen and I were saddened to hear of the passing of Leslie Nielsen today."

"In a career spanning more than six decades, the Regina-born Nielsen was an accomplished actor on stage and screen, in both dramas
and comedies.

Sillery Artists and Artisans Christmas Exhibition and Sale

L'ASSOCIATION DES CRÉATEURS ET ARTISANS DE SILLERY is holding its annual Christmas Exhibition and Sale at the Bibliothèque Charles-H-Blais, 1445 Maguire Avenue, Sillery, from Saturday, November 20th to Sunday, December 5th, 2010.Thirty-six artists and artisans representing numerous disciplines will exhibit their recent work.

Pre-Christmas Activities in Quebec City

TurkeyDinner 1.jpg
Photo: Keith Boeckner

At noon on Saturday, November 20, I attended the St. Patrick's CWL Guild Tea and Sale, ate some delicious home-made Irish stew and picked up some real bargains at the White Elephant rummage sale. The ladies of St. Pat's did an outstanding job and the event was well attended.

People look east, the time is near . . .

Look Up! Look Waaaaay Up!  During the month of December the sky will hold a veritable feast for the eyes! With the holidays coming and the calendar year soon ending, it seems that the winter sky has saved the best for last.

The annual Geminids meteor shower will be at its peak of activity on December 14 with some 120 meteors flying across the night sky each hour.  

Memorials and Things of Fame

Researched and Compiled By Catherine Mills Rouleau

The Morning Chronicle


Letter to the Editor on new QCT owner

There are two people at this point in the existence of the Quebec Chronicle Telegraph who deserve our sincere thanks and appreciation.

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