August 26 2009 Edition

Magher Bernice Brennan 1921 – 2009

Magher Bernice Brennan  
1921 – 2009

At CHSLD St-Brigid’s Home, on the 21st of August 2009, at the age of 87 years old & 11 months Mrs. Bernice Brennan passed away, wife of the late Mr. Louis Magher. She lived in Quebec.

Comholtas makes rare appearance in Shannon Sept. 30

Irish_Festival copy.jpg

Members of Comholtas Group who will be performing September 30th at the Shannon Community Centre. The appearance will be the groups fi rst ever show in Shannon which marks the opening of their 2009 North American Tour.


WWII sea plane discovered in St. Lawrence [with video]

Parks Canada will be conducting feasibility studies to determine how, or if, an amphibious 1942 U.S. Army plane apparently discovered in the St. Lawrence River near Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan can be salvaged and the five bodies believed to be aboard recovered.

Colline Parlementaire Report Out

National Assembly.jpg
Photo: Marika Wheeler

City officials have released a report outlining citizens' main suggestions for the potential redevelopment of the Colline Parlementaire area.

The consultations were divided into two themes: the management of public space and the evolution of the uses of buildings in the vicinity of Colline Parlementaire.

The main conclusions drawn by the report include:

CEGEP St-Lawrence Amphitheatre Plans in the works

St.Lawrence autitorium.jpg
Photo: Christian Brosseau

St-Lawrence College expects to submit by the end of the month a proposal to build a new amphitheater that would serve Quebec City's Anglophone community on various levels.

"As a college, we haven't asked that much of our government," says the director of the St-Lawrence College Campus of Champlain College, Jean Robert. "This is our chance to say 'we need help'."

Quebec City Reading Council Prepares for Int. Literacy Day

The Quebec City Reading Council is hoping so serve two purposes when it holds its first

International Literacy Day Sept. 12 at the Eastern Quebec Learning Center.

NDP Leader looks To Woo Quebec Voters in Coming Election

A resolution to drop the ‘New' from the New Democratic Party moniker having failed on the floor of the NDP's 2009 Halifax Convention a few days earlier, party leader Jack Layton's message was all about renewal when he later stopped by his "favourite Canadian city" to rev up support for a potential fall election.

Non-Profit Corporation Is Totally Independent From Saint Brigid’s

I would like to clarify some information contained in the front page article in the August 12th, 2009 edition of the QCT titled "Finally! Saint Brigid's expansion project gets rolling". The article refers to a new construction that is presently underway next to Saint Brigid's Home.

Jeffery Hale Summer Jazz super

Just a quick line to let you know that the free Jazz Concert offered to the Québec City community by the Jeffrey Hale Friends' Foundation was super. The musicians, Dave Parker and Paul Hinton, took us on a tour of the Western Hemisphere with their rang of works from New Orleans to Brazil !

The Coming Of Corporate Fascism Part I

When we think of WWII, we usually think of the valiant struggle of democracy in its fight against fascist tyranny and all of its accompanying horrors.

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