August 21 2019 Edition

Tenth Festibière features beer, food trucks and games

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Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

For many people, there is nothing better than a cold beer on a hot summer’s day.

The beer was certainly flowing at the 10th annual Quebec City Festibière. At the Quai de l’Espace 400e, a dozen food trucks and over 230 microbreweries presented their best products to some 125,000 visitors. Over the years, this festival has become a draw for tourists and locals alike.

Max may be “mad” but dairy industry is still sacred cow

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It’s just a coincidence, of course, but the same week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was having his knuckles rapped by the ethics commissioner for over-zealous advocacy with the attorney general in defence of potentially thousands of jobs, many of them in Quebec, his Liberal government was announcing $1.75 billion in direct cash payments to dairy farmers, most of whom are in Quebec.

PM announces federal financing for the Quebec City tramway

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Photo: Peter Black

A 10-year campaign to equip Quebec City with a modern urban transit system reached a milestone on Aug. 19 with the announcement by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of up to $1.2 billion in federal financing.

Duclos urges families to sign up for free school money

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Photo: Peter Black

While some Canadians may complain about government taxing away their hard-earned dollars, it’s not often they ignore money the government wants to give back.

Jean-Yves Duclos, Quebec MP and minister for families, children and social development, highlighted such a situation Aug. 13 at a press conference at Université Laval.

The story behind Avenue De Laune


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Photo: Screenshot from Google Maps

This street is named in honour of British army officer William DeLaune (? - 1761). DeLaune was promoted to captain when James Wolfe became colonel of the 67th Infantry Regiment in 1758. Wolfe apparently thought highly of DeLaune as a potential commander of light infantry since he took him on the expedition against the French in Quebec in 1759.


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Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

August 22, 1819 – The Quebec Gazette

Help other people see … when you get new glasses


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Photo: Lise Lafond

Every year a trip to the optometrist is recommended. The lucky people will just go for the exam. Others will require a pair of eyeglasses. In Canada, eight in 10 people between the ages of 18 and 55 wear eyeglasses, three in 10 use contact lenses. Most people change their glasses every two or three years.

Maguire en Fête ends summer on a festive note

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Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Summer is coming to an end and school is just around the corner. That can mean only one thing for Avenue Maguire: a final neighbourhood party with restaurateurs, chefs, merchants and families.

This will be the seventh Maguire en Fête, presented on Aug. 24 by Caisse Desjardins Sillery–Saint-Louis-de-France.

Champagne and caviar for the August sturgeon moon

Photo: Lise Lafond

Every full moon has a name. The moon that peeked over the mountain on Aug. 15 is called the sturgeon moon or red moon.

The sturgeon was an important part of the First Nations’ diet. Using harpoons, lassos and other tools, they fished for sturgeon in August, the month it was most easily caught. The August moon with its red colour signalled that it was time to fish for sturgeon.

Catch me, if you can, at Domaine de Maizerets

Photos by Danielle Burns


The six FLIP Fabrique performers in Attrape-Moi are having a ball juggling, dancing, jumping on trampolines and more at MaizRêve, the Maizerets neighbourhood festival. 

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