April 3 2013 Edition

ImagiNation writers share their favourite words

This QCT writer, who loves words and is fascinated by the wonders of our English language, emailed the writers who are preparing to come to the ImagiNation Festival.I asked them the following question: As writers and communicators, words are key to what you do. What is/are your absolutely favourite (most essential, powerful, effective, expressive...) word(s)?

ImagiNation 2013 continues to celebrate Canadian talent

Photo: Photo courtesy of ImagiNation

Meet authors Jian Ghomeshi, Emma Donoghue, Paul Almond, Deni Y. Béchard, Robert J. Sawyer, Charles Foran, Peter Dubé, Guy Vanderhaeghe, Douglas Gibson, Christine Eddie, Ken Howe and H.Nigel Thomas at the Morrin Centre's fourth annual writers' festival.

2012 Olympic bronze medalist honoured in hometown

Antoine Valois-Fortier_medal.jpg
Photo: Marie White

Antoine Valois-Fortier started training at fours years old in the Dojo de Beauport which honoured him on March 15 as its most recent Olympian when his banner was officially unveiled to the delight of a pacted dojo.

David Hodges performs “Notre Home” for CQSB Performing Arts Festival

Photo: Gib McInnis

Montreal hip hop artist David Hodges was a major draw for the Voice of English-speaking Québec and the Central Québec School Board's Performing Art Festival held on March 22 at Quebec High School. Hodges and 28 other Quebec artists performed and presented workshops to students from six different high schools of the CQSB.

QHS student, Sarah Gurel, makes PAF a success


The Central Québec School Board's Performing Arts Festival held on March 22 at Quebec High School witnessed a variety of artists from across Quebec, such as David Hodges ("Notre Home") along with 28 others who presented workshops to students from six different high schools of the CQSB.

Start spring fresh with a deep clean

Photo: Danielle Burns

Spring is here, but the reality after winter is that dust and staleness are often in the air inside our homes. Spring is associated with rebirth and you can revive your home by sweeping, mopping, wiping, scrubbing and tossing out the old to bring in the new, otherwise known as spring cleaning.

Quebec City is Canada’s “Most Interesting Town”

Reader's Digest magazine recently held a contest in which subscribers were invited to submit entries and to vote for their community to be Canada's most interesting town.

They received some 700 submissions from across the country claiming that their community was Canada's "greenest, healthiest, most artistic and all-around best place to live."

A dog’s-eye view

Photo: Bethann G. Merkle

Although the snow is melting fast in Quebec City, in the surrounding countryside and mountains, enough snow persists for spring dogsledding. The QCT recently enjoyed a behind-the-scenes visit to a local kennel - La Poursuite. The kennel owners, Pascal and Danny Moreau, and some of the mushers, offered a glimpse into this traditional yet little-known activity.

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
Martin Burk was charged with having in his possession an unlawful weapon. The "weapon" in question appeared to come under the denomination of "slug-shot" and consisted of a short piece of leaden pipe to which was tied a short cord of rope.

St. Patrick’s Church invites you to come celebrate this New World

St. Patrick's Parish has organized an Easter Celebration series of seven spiritual and community events which are based on the themes of celebration, sharing and discovery. These events are open to all in the English-speaking community and will take place on Tuesday evenings from April 2 to May 14, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in McMahon Hall in St. Patrick's Church at 1145 avenue de Salaberry.

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