April 15 2009 Edition

Portneuf Elementary turns sod [photo]


Valcartier loses soldier in new rotation in Afghanistan

Photo: Courtesy of DoD

Valcartier Garrison lost its first soldier in Afghanistan Monday since troops began deployments for the seventh rotation in mid-March.

Publishers note

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

It's an important holiday for me as a Christian and it marks the most important event of Christianity -- the Resurrection.

New larger format of newspaper is for the better

I want to write and offer my opinion on the new format that I encountered in your last edition (April 8th, 2009).

I have lived in Quebec City for a little over two years and have read your paper every week.

I bought a subscription within my first month of living here and have kept it current.

Award-winning authors share thoughts and works with public during literary festival this Saturday at Morrin Centre

Photo: Courtesy of House of Anansi Press

Some of Canada's celebrated authors are coming to Quebec City this weekend as the Morrin Centre welcomes poets and novelists to share their thoughts and works at the third annual Quebec²: English-Language Literary Weekend.

Travels in Africa

Quebec youngster learns close up about the horrors of child soldiers and poverty and the warmth of locals who give openly to visitors

Photo: Courtesy of Blair family

"My hands tied behind my back, I watched as my friends dug a pit for my body to fall into. As soon as they had finished, I would be shot."

I listened in horror as a former child soldier told me of his experiences when he was not much older than me (I'm twelve).

Portneuf Elementary turns sod on $644, 000 expansion project


A new expansion at Portneuf Elementary School will finally give students, staff and even the school's principal more breathing room as enrolment at the Cap-Santé English school continues to grow.

"We have been waiting for this new space for awhile," Linda Beaulieu, the principal of Portneuf Elementary, said on Tuesday

Afro-Brazilian mix of dance and martial arts helps children learn coordination


A Czech national is hoping to teach the fluid dance movements of the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira Angola to children in Quebec City's English-speaking community in the coming months.

"Capoeira is a mix of African rituals and martial arts and is a relaxing art form," said Robert Radek, 28, who recently moved to Quebec from Scotland.

St. Pat's Jazz Band swings in New Orleans

St. Pats_High_New Orleans.jpg
Photo: Courtesy of David Parker, St. Pat's

By Paul Hinton

On April 1st, the St. Pat's High School Jazz Band returned from a one week trip in Louisiana.

Memorials and Things of Fame


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