April 11 2012 Edition

ImagiNation 2012 authors share their vision on writing

ImagiNation 2012 starts April 11 and runs to April 15 with Paul Almond as Honorary President.

Macaroni harvest at St. Pat’s

Photo: Photo by Shirley Nadeau

SPHS CARES were the words spelled out on the gymnasium floor of St. Pat's High School last Wednesday morning. The words were "spelled," however, with over one thousand donated boxes of macaroni and cheese which had been carefully stood on end and lined up by a team of St. Pat's students:

Roxanne Theriault, Marie Kristine Arseneau, Melissa Giguere and Kimberly Prevost.

Commentary on bullying

I was glad to see a reaction to my comments about bullying in schools. According to Clive Meredith, I believe "all a bullied child need do ... is tell an adult about it," and problem solved. Far from it!

Bullying is a systemic illness. The whole school - teachers, administrators, parents, victims and bullies - must be treated for the problem.

Launch of the contest Bullying, it’s so over. I right the wrong

(Press Release)On Monday, March 19, Deputy Premier and Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports, Line Beauchamp, launched the contest Bullying, it's so over. I right the wrong. Intended for Québec's elementary and secondary school students, this contest is designed to showcase inspiring projects developed to counter bullying and violence.

Scouts prepare for Good Turn Week

Photo: Photo by Laura Johnston

If one good deed can make someone's day, imagine the impact 100,000 Good Turns could have! That's the premise Scouts Canada members are acting on as part of a national movement to do Good Turns across Canada during Good Turn Week, from April 14 to 22. Locally, the St.

“Faith in a seed” contributes to diversity of local gardens

Seeds are incredible packages of life which possess a simple, almost magical capacity to transform from dry, pale specks into vibrant plants. Henry David Thoreau once wrote, "I have great faith in a seed.

Thank you from the Shannon Irish Show

I saw [Bethann Merkle's] article in the QCT. It is amazing!! On behalf of the CWL of Shannon, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for this incredible article. It made me smile when you quoted, "You marry a girl from Shannon, you marry the town, you marry the show." The Irish Show is in our blood.

Protecting the heritage of the QCT

It's interesting to see a continuously published paper since 1764 - WOW. Impressive. If [the QCT] were a local paper, I'd subscribe to it SOLELY because a subscription would be preserving a bit of heritage. Old trees deserve to be protected .... and so do other parts of our heritage. Once gone - it's gone forever. The publishers should be proud of being part of it.

Barefoot, Radiant and Smiling: the story of Malika Sellami

Photo: Photo by Juanita Craig

The evening of Friday, March 19, was the launch of Malika Sellami's second album titled Barefoot, Smiling at Café Baylone. The venue was packed and there was standing room only for those who showed up less than thirty minutes before show time.

Who is this inspiring, talented and witty free spirit known as Malika Sellami?

Memorials and Things of Fame

Tuesday, April 16, 1912
The Quebec Chronicle
It is thought that six hundred and seventy-five only are saved out of two thousand two hundred who were on board ill-fated steamer.
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