YES celebrates 20 years of helping young business people

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Photo: Coby Ingham, courtesy of LinkedIn

YES business coach Coby Ingham


Have you ever wished for someone to help you get your business off the ground, or to help with sales and marketing advice? Or perhaps you’re an artist who is convinced that there just isn’t help easily accessible to you.

YES (Youth Employment Services) is here to help. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the services offered just might surprise you.

“Our services are offered in English, but they are open to everybody. We even offer French courses [in Montreal only],” said Iris Unger, executive director at the YES office which is located in  Montreal. “And we want to work with partners who are already established, like the Voice of English-speaking Quebec, North Shore, and Townshippers Association.”

Some of the services offered are business coaching and mentoring, accounting clinics, legal information clinics, and webinars/online services.

“We try to individualize the program,” said Unger. “We also try to keep up with the trends.”

Since it was created in 1995 as a non-profit organization, YES has helped over 45,000 Quebecers.

“YES was set up to look at the whole issue of retention of young people in Quebec. It was to find ways to encourage them to stay,” said Unger. “YES is made up of leaders in the community who thought if they helped the youth of Quebec get jobs, then they would stay.”

“Sometimes we will specifically train our staff, such as in CV writing. Our business coaches do all the travelling and come to your region; we even offer coaching online. We have a partnership with McGill University, and are able to have a legalist come in for clients with questions.”

And does all of this come at hefty price? Not at all. Clients pay a one-time activation fee which opens their file, which is refunded after attending a minimum number of sessions. The fee in Quebec City, for example, is $20 which is refunded after three session.

Last month, YES business coach Coby Ingham celebrated his three-year anniversary with the company, working with entrepreneurs of all ages, to develop their business cases and plans to move from business concept to actual start-up.

In the past 18 months, over 150 business coaching sessions have been carried out at VEQ. “The partnership between YES Montreal and VEQ contributes in a very concrete way to the economic prosperity of the region,” said Brigitte Wellens, the executive director at VEQ. “More importantly, it helps budding businesses to grow and brings dreams and ideas to fruition.”

The services of YES have proven to be invaluable, filled with resources for job seekers, entrepreneurs and artists.

To sign up and utilize all that YES has to offer, visit: or contact VEQ at 418 683-2366 or