Who's who in this photo . . . ?


David Blinco submitted this photo to the QCT in 2016 with a challenge to our readers to identify the people in it. Blinco said, "The photo was taken around 1961 at the Laurier Avenue Playground, located across from the Quebec Winter Club (later the YMCA and now a large condominium building). The space is now used as a parking lot. It was the only playground run by the English-speaking community." David is the tall fellow in the middle of the photo with the dark sweater and white shirt and he seems to be presenting a small trophy to another tall person. If you can identify yourself or others in this photo, please let me know at [email protected]QCT - Blinco.jpg  Who’s who in this photo? Dave Blinco is the tall fellow with glasses in the middle handing a trophy to the other tall person with the plaid shirt. See diagram below to match faces and names, if you can!   QCT_mystery boys_numbered_v2.jpg  

Allen Emond added ... 

"Dave Blinco used to take us to the YMCA to swim and, since I did not know how, it was something I did not look forward to. He kind of gave us lessons but what he really liked to do was swim under water and grab our legs and pull us under. He thought that was such great fun but most of us were terrified!He was a good guy, always happy and loved to play any kind of sport. When I was older and played football, I enjoyed any time we beat QHS, which felt like my revenge on him for his pool antics. Gerry Powers, who I identified in the picture, was a Chronicle-Telegraph carrier and, when he decided to give it up, he passed it on to me and I did it for a few years. It was my first job and salary."  - Allen Emond


I had to shake my head reading Allen Emond's letter. I am number 9 in the picture. Gerry Power was a neighbour on Joffre Avenue and he introduced the Jarjour twins and me to Laurier Park after he moved to our street. I also was a Chronicle Telegraph carrier in the early 1960s. I did not know Allen Emond at the time but twenty years later I taught with him at Baden Junior School in Baden Soellingen in Germany. It's a small world.

Russell Collins

PS I think #28 is Gordie Rourke

On Feb. 28, 2021, Allen Emond sent the QCT the following message about Who's Who in this photo....."My name is Allen Emond a St. Pat’s graduate (three times). Up until 1962 I lived on St. Julie street which I believe was eliminated when they built Blvd. Saint-Cyrille, now René-Lévesque. I spent many summers at Laurier Park since it was only 10 minutes from my home. Dave Blinco organized all the team events, one of which was a softball league in the mornings. Mr. Brant (not sure of the spelling), and Mrs. Lavallee were two of the adults in charge. Hubert Bauch (No. 5 in the photo), also ended up working there when he was older. I have names but not sure if I have them lined up with the numbers. Here goes: 5.  Hubert Bauch,    7. Wayne Shanahan,   8. Mark Rouleau, 10. Looks like Steve Eagen or Egan, 11. Donnie Walsh,  12. Fernando Parent, 13.Wayne Power,  16. _____? Shea (can’t remember his first name), 18. Gerry Powers,  21. Looks like Steve Hackett,  26. David Shea, 29. looks like a Kelso (can’t remember his first name),   30. Garry Woodrow getting the award,   31. Brian Grogan,   32. Ted Labadie,  34. Gary Shanahan,  35. Bob Donnelly.    Hope this helps! Allen Emond 

On Feb. 20, 2021, Ian Burrows sent the following message to the QCT: 

I recognize the Jarjour twins, Harden and Harold.
Harold (#27) is by the person's left arm who is getting the award from Dave. Harden (#23) is in the front row, two in front of Harold.


On Jan. 15, 2021, George Stein sent us a message saying.... "I believe number 23 is Harold Jarjour." Shirley Nadeau  

23 or 27, they were twins always mixing people up.