What are you doing to celebrate Quebec City’s 400th anniversary?

The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph wants to know!

Are you watching the calendar of events planned by the Société du 400e de Québec? Are you planning to attend community-sponsored events?

Is your family holding a reunion? Will your home turn into an auberge for your family and friends?
Have you decided to embark on a special project of your own? Or have you signed up to be a volunteer?
Let us know what you’re doing and how you are going to be celebrating Quebec City’s 400th birthday. We’d like to share your news.

You may press comment and let us know what you will be doing. 

We’re planning special coverage in the paper and on our website at www.qctonline.com and we want the community to participate.

What are the plans for the students of collegial and university? There are no activities offered that can interest us!! Or maybe we just don't even know about it. There is the problem: nobody knows about what's going on?!? Then, if there are activities planned for people of sixteen to twenty-five years old, they should publicise the information about those activities.

Roxane Bourdon & Vanessa Simard poliquin from Cegep Limoilou