Welcome to Deborah's students from Classehiver 2008!

The students in the 'English in the Media' classes at Cégep Limoilou have officially started blogging! I would like to introduce these amazing people.

My students are in the last session of their DEC programme 'Communications, Cinema and Creativity'. They have already completed two general English second language courses, and are now in their third course where they are continuing to improve their English language skills and apply their specific knowledge in an English context.

The blogging activity is an excellent opportunity for them to discover the English-speaking community and express their opinions, even though there may be a few errors remaining in their written texts. :-) Thanks to the Quebec Chronicle Telegraph for providing this important communication service.

And thanks to my students for their wonderful participation and enthusiasm!

Deborah Armstrong, ESL Teacher, Cégep Limoilou

How to be happy! Laughing

Are you looking outside and dreaming about the summer?
You want to eat some ice cream and put your sunglasses on?

I have some suggestions for you to keep smiling before the beginning of the vacation.

- Listen to your favorite sunny songs. (Beautiful Girl and Me love by Sean  Kingston or little bit of Bob Marley?)
- Buy ice cream and put your swinsuit on when you're inside.
- Paint your toenails.
- Go take a beer in a pub on St-Jean street with your friends. (A good happy hour)
- Do a little bit of shopping (all the summer collections are available in shops)
- Out with the black clothes; wear white, yellow, pink, blue clothes!
- Change your traditional juice for a little sunny drink (Non alcoholic Daiquiri, Marguarita, Pina Colada...)

Now, are you smiling?

Marie-Pier Laughing

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