Water water everywhere, but..........

Interesting to hear that Mr. Guy Laliberte wants to spend about $30 million to shoot himself into space on a Russian rocket. He certainly has the money, and the thrill seeking personnality for this kind of an endeavor, and I understand his desire to want to go. I also admire M Laliberte for having built a circus empire, and changing the face of circuses all over the world. He is a master of his trade, and a local boy to boot, amazing.

I do however have a problem with his theme for his trip into space , "water". He mentioned, "that no one on the planet should be without water". I'm sure from his high vantage point he will be able to see the places in the world that don't have water eg; Africa, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc, etc etc. So I'm hoping that he might have another 30 million to donate to those countries so they can develop wells and irrigation ditches to have the water that he preaches they so deserve. When we see people like Greg Mortenson, and Oprah, and even Celine helping the misfortunate people in the world, it makes me wonder why M Laliberte couldn't use a bit of his fortune to supply water to millions of people. It would probably cost less than a third of his trip into space. But I imagine Guy will get into that as soon as he gets back. At least he will have seen where the water is most needed. Bon voyage Guy.

Job Patstone

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