VEQ Spring Fling enjoyed at Les 3 Brasseurs

4319_VEQ spring fling.jpg
Photo: Shirley Nadeau

A cozy crowd gathered at Les 3 Brasseurs pub.

Every spring, Voice of English-speaking Québec invites anglophones to gather at a local drinking establishment to welcome the warmer weather and just get out and see a familiar face after a long, cold winter.

Last Thursday, March 28, a good crowd attended the 2019 VEQ Spring Fling held at Les 3 Brasseurs in Place Ste-Foy. Delicious pub food – pizza slices, beef on a stick, mini-hamburger “sliders” and more – was served up and everyone mingled and had a jolly good time.

VEQ’s executive director Brigitte Wellens said, “Turnout was great – 94 people were on hand to help us kick winter to the curb.” She and members of the staff were also able to promote some projects that will be carried out this year, some of which were begun this week.

Thank you, VEQ, for all you do to help keep the local English-speaking community active, entertained and out and about!

Charles André Nadeau, and Katherine and Keith Burgess preferred the comfort of a booth to enjoy their drinks and snacks. Photo by Shirley Nadeau