Tune in and swing out at the Morrin Centre during Arts Alive! Québec

The Morrin Centre has decided to jazz things up for its fourth annual Arts Alive! Québec festival. From Aug. 3 to 4, Quebec City’s English-language cultural hub will host a series of jazz concerts and musical workshops.

Tune in for indoor concerts
On Friday, Aug. 3, the Montreal-based Daniel Arthur Trio will start the evening off at 7 p.m. with original songs that the band has performed in New York, Bucharest and Bologna. Juno-award-winning Montreal-based singer and composer Sienna Dahlen will then fill College Hall with what London Jazz News described as her “enigmatic swooping vocals.” Two musicians will join Dahlen on stage at 8:30 p.m. to perform songs from her six original jazz and folk albums, as well as from her collaborations on several other national and international projects.
For more information and to reserve tickets, visit morrin.org/en/upcoming-events.

Swing out at the street fair
On Saturday, Aug. 4, the celebration of English-language art and culture continues with free concerts and workshops for all ages. The day starts at 11 a.m. with a Teddy Bears’ Picnic for the whole family. Bring your meal; the Morrin Centre is taking care of the fun and games, and music! At noon, come learn or practise swing dance moves – swing out, chicken walk, coaster step and more – with Jasmin Hains of Tempo Swing. At 1 p.m., we’ll be kicking off the four back-to-back outdoor performances with Misses Satchmo and their modern take on early jazz standards.

Indoors, Montreal pop and R&B artist NJ Taylor will give a free 90-minute songwriting workshop for beginners. She will share her experience and knowledge of the music industry and reveal how to write hits!

The Chaussée des Écossais will continue to take on airs of New Orleans and the Prohibition era with Roxanne Burns and the Gentlemen, Tea for 20s and the Mardi Gras Band.

Arts Alive! Québec is an ELAN Québec (English-Language Arts Network) project that takes place in six different regions – Hudson, Huntingdon, Knowlton, Quebec City, Wakefield and the West Island/Montreal – with performances and activities for the whole family, from June through September. Some communities focus Arts Alive! events around a main venue and its environs; others transform the entire town. Programming is highly individual, reflecting local tastes, traditions and cultures.

There’s something different to experience and savour at each region’s event, from local artists and visiting headliners to children’s shows, dance, theatre, literary activities, storytelling, visual arts, loads of music and artisanal products. On offer are indoor and outdoor events for all ages, including hands-on creative activities led by professional musicians, theatre artists, dancers, filmmakers and craftspeople.

Through the universal language of art, Arts Alive! Québec’s inclusive, family-friendly atmosphere builds bridges between English-speaking and French-speaking communities.

ELAN is a not-for-profit organization that connects, supports and promotes Quebec’s English-speaking artists and arts communities. Its members include artists and organizations representing a multitude of artistic disciplines and regions of Quebec. ELAN’s philosophy is inclusive, encouraging an evolving Quebec identity that recognizes French as the public language and celebrates social, cultural and artistic diversity.