Grosse Isle A Temporary Refuge From Misery In Ireland


They came by the thousands in search of mere survival. Disease, famine and a potato blight had ravaged their Irish homeland. They came first to Grosse Isle. For many, it was as far as they would go, thousands arriving too sick to continue.

Morrin Centre Annouces Parks Canada Grant For Old Jail

The Morrin Centre has received a $106,225 grant from Parks Canada to restore the jail cells in the building and create an interpretation centre in one of the cellblocks.

"I'll be very excited once the actual restoration starts," said Simon Jacobs, the Executive Director of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec

Garage Door Becomes An Artist’s Calling Card

Photo: Marika Wheeler

A Quebec City artist is using a garage door as a canvas for one of his largest pieces of art yet.

Sylvain Michaud is in the process of putting the final touches on a painting of a zebra eye. Each hair around the eye is painted individually and when viewed closely, the textures of the hairs are visible.

Literacy Day Seeks To Raise Awareness of Illiteracy

Saturday is Literacy Day at the Eastern Quebec Learning Centre on Chemin Saint-Louis. Sponsored by the Quebec City Reading Council, the event is aimed at raising awareness of the problem illiteracy in the province, where statistics show nearly 49 percent of all residents have difficulty reading and 800,000 are considered illiterate.

Memorials and Things of Fame


The Morning Chronicle

[Classifieds] Rental 3 1/2 in Montcalm - take the last 5 months of my lease!!


3 1/2 Montcalm - take the last 5 months of my lease!!

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[Photo] Monument Honors German Soldiers 225 Years Later


Admiring the memorial plaque to German soldiers who fought on the British side during the American Revolution are, from left to right, Jacques Dorval, President of the Quebec Historcial Society; Jean-Pierre Wilhelmy, historian and writer; Dr. Aylmer Ebacher-Baker, President of the Ebacher-Baker Family Association, Richard G.R.

“Carry on, Canada.” Sovereigntists Try to Re-Write History

September 13, 2009 is a date that will likely go down in Canadian history as one where the message didn't get out. What I mean is, is that the recreation of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham was supposed to commemorate, NOT CELEBRATE, an event in the history of our country which eventually led to its creation.

Paquet Fastest Woman At Marathon des deux rives

Photo: Mario Fortin, Marathon des deux rives SSQ.

The thought of being the fastest woman at the Marathon des deux rives is what kept Andrée Paquet from Sainte-Julie, QC, going during the Quebec City long-distance run.

Her self-motivation propelled her across the finish line 2:55:02 after starting the race at Lévis Regional High School. She beat the next fastest woman by more than a minute.

2009 Annual Heritage Edition Promotion

September 4, 2009
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