Mayor Labeaume encourages Quebec City’s young voters and repeats the need to restore the Quebec Bridge

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Photo: Marie White

Quebec Mayor Régis Labeaume visited François-Xavier-Garneau College last Wednesday. Accompanied by first-time candidates Francine Lortie for the St.Louis-Sillery district and Claude Thibeault for St. Sacrement-Belvedere, he arrived just before noon in the students' popular Salle des pas perdus.

LHSQ President David Blair seeks continued community support for the Morrin Centre

Despite having raised over $4 million for the continuing restoration of the Morrin Centre, Literary and Historical Society of Quebec President David Blair said it's not too late to offer a contribution.

Ondinnok’s Tales of an Urban Indian is a powerful success

Photo: Marie White

Ondinnok presented Darrell Dennis's semi-autobiographical one-man road play called Tales of an Urban Indian (Contes d'un indien urbain) which more than lived up to its promise of being amusing and moving.

Last week's performance at the Ts8taie elementary school in Wendake was an excellent night of acting and a poignant, powerful piece of theatre.

Friends of Everest Foundation hard at work


Soon after Everest Elementary School first opened, it became obvious that certain pieces of equipment that children would benefit from, could not be paid for with the regular budget. And Everest being a new school couldn't rely on "old students" to make donations that would help the school cater better to the needs of its students.

LHSQ Capital Campaign raises over $4.1 million

Morrin Capital Campaigncolor2.jpg

Photo: Photo: Chrystian Paquet

Literary and Historical Society of Quebec unveilling of the Capital Campaign Donor Plaque, from left to right, David F. Blair, President of the LHSQ, Evan Price, Co-Chair of the Morrin Capital Campaign Cabinet, The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, John Ralston Saul.


Ready for the Next Challenge

An Interview with Pierre Paul-Hus, potential candidate for the Conservative Party in Louis-Hébert

Pierre Paul-Hus is a man ready for the next challenge. He greets me at his office on Rene Levesque with a firm handshake and guides me to the boardroom, a formidable room complete with a floor-to-ceiling safe (the building was formerly a bank).

Current progress on St. Brigid’s Home extension


Photo by Ken Schankler: The structural steel is up and the Holland Community Housing Corporation’s senior housing project and is moving toward a 2010 completion date. The building, adjacent to St. Brigid’s home on Chemin Saint-Louis, will offer homes to English speaking seniors. The project is independent of St. Brigid’s

Memorials and Things of Fame



Letters from Afghanistan

Saying Goodbye

Jeffery Hale Hospital flowers were in bloom this summer

Photo: Photos by Ken Schankler

Jefferey Hale Hospital was in bloom this week, thanks to visiting senior citizens trying out their green thumbs.

"It was something we did before, but this time it was bigger, " said Lucie Girard, who manges special education projects for seniors at the hospital. "We had seeds and they all chose one and they would write their names on photos of the flowers."

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