Be careful what you wish for

Photo: CQSB

Quebec High School Musical Theatre students will be presenting Stephen Sondheim's musical, "Into the Woods," on Friday, April 23.

Ease of access to English schools

At present, there is an outstanding issue in motion regarding educational matters in Quebec: Bill 104. It deals with the access to English public schools matter.

Memorials and Things of Fame


Digital is the way to travel

It was the low angle of the bright sunlight that got me out so early on this windy and cold spring morning. I wanted to try out my new digital camera on scenery. I should have worn a scarf or an extra sweater because as soon as I got out of the car in the wind-swept parking lot on the waterfront I felt the chill. It was cold but exhilarating.

Xenophobia and secularist ideas are wiser

I've read a lot of drivel in my time, much of it undoubtedly from my own pen, but Dr. Lugosi's meandering 07 April QC-T commentary entitled Missing the "Mark" (on the question of the burqa and niqua) is right up there with the worst of it. It's not the point of view he supports that is of concern here.

Is Québec’s heart growing colder?

I was having a chat after Mass with one of my fellow parishioners a few weeks back and the topic of the current turmoil in the Church arose. My esteemed fellow parishioner felt that the root cause of the problem was that the Church had accumulated too much temporal, or worldly, power, and that this had corrupted it and drawn it away from the essential message of God's love for the world.

Newsie Note for April 14, 2010

I am a member of the QHS PPO and we are organizing a Flea Market to raise money for different activities in the school, mostly to help pay for all the celebrations at the end of the year (awards, graduation..) The flea market will be held May 15 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. we are looking for donations (no clothing) that may be droped off at QHS 945 Belvedere during the week of the 10.

St. Lawrence Alumni Association honours Gordon Lightfoot

Photo: Marie White

The Champlain St-Lawrence Alumni association organised a pre-show supper in Gordon Lightfoot's honour at the college, after which two buses brought the 60 or so alumni, teachers and fans to the Grand Thèâtre show for the 8 p.m. by the legendary folk singer. After the show, Lightfoot met the Champlain St-Lawrence group for autographs and pictures.



On April 8, a group of 41 students from all grades of St-Patrick's High School in Quebec City, had the chance to attend a conference held at the Patro Roc-Amadour in Quebec; it was called Festi-Entraide. Students and teachers from 15 other schools brought the grand total of guest listeners to nearly 1,000.

CQSB students strut their stuff at Performing Arts Festivals

Photo: CQSB

Central Quebec School District students got a chance to show their artistic sides the past couple of weeks during two Performing Arts festivals. Several hundred students from throughout the CQSB district performed music, dance and drama, first during the secondary festival at Le Centre Montemartre on Chemin St-Louis March 31, then during the elementary event at Everest Elementary School.

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