QESBA to meet at Concorde next weekend; Bill 88 on agenda?

The Quebec English School Board's Association will meet next weekend at the Loew's Concorde Hotel for what is being billed as a professional development conference.

The conference, scheduled for October 16 and 17, offers participants a choice of paying the $85 fee by check or billing it to the school boards in which the participants represent.

Thanksgiving, an important part of our English heritage

Pumpkins 003color.jpg
Photo: Marie White

Quebec City is splendid in its golden-tinged hues of red and green that form the tapestry of the Thanksgiving weekend. Before the winter air turns the world white and stiff, nature gives the region a beautiful gift of colours, crisp air and bountiful harvests. If you are not leaving to visit relatives or friends this weekend, then what could be a special activity to do nearby 

History repeats itself? Or is it man that keeps repeating the same moral errors?

In response to Tim Pettipiece's Letter to the editor in the most recent issue of the QCT, concerning my four part article concerning "The coming of Corporate Fascism," I have the following things to say.

[Photo] New Reverend arrives to celebrate St. Andrew’s Church 250th anniversary


Photo: Ken Shcankler, Rev. Katherine Burgess, new rector at St. Andrew’s


2009 Quebec City Women's Club Annual Book Fair, October 31, 2009 9am to 4pm at EQLC


Memorials and Things of Fame


The Morning Chronicle

Porter Airlines upgrades Quebec City To Toronto service

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Photo: Photo Courtesy Porter Airlines Inc.

"We're going from a leisure schedule to a schedule that's more business oriented," said Porter Airlines spokesman Brad Cicero.

Cicero was referring to the new schedule that daily will take more passengers from Jean Lesage International Airport to within minutes of downtown Toronto in a little over an hour and a half.

No room for spiritual or thought provoking commentaries in the QCT

I have been a subscriber to the QCT for the last six years. Even though I no longer live in Quebec City, I have continued to support it as an important vehicle for the Anglophone community.

“Falling to the way side” with non-Anglo immigrants

I was reading about newcomers to this country, some with no knowledge of our language and vernacular, and attending ESL courses.

New interim principal installed at DDO

Photo: Courtesy of CQSB

Emily Lagloire has always had a yen for teaching.

"From when I was in high school," Lagloire said, "I was always trying to help other students."

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