RDN to offer renewed focus on regional development

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The Regional Development Network (RDN) held its founding general meeting on May 28, 2020. The nine founding members held a telemeeting to formalize the establishment of the organization, elect a board of directors and executive, and take the first steps towards enhancing the vitality and supporting the development of regional English-speaking communities across Quebec.

We’re all in this together

It took a race riot to knock COVID-19 from the headlines.

This is not an indictment of the Trump regime south of the border or a demand for the Canadian government to speak out against the violence. It is a reminder that throwing stones is a pastime best left to those who do not live in glass houses.

EQLC steps up to train orderlies

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Normally, Susie Faguy and the staff of the Eastern Québec Learning Centre (EQLC) would be looking toward summer vacation right now. But this year is not a normal year. On June 15, the EQLC and 51 other vocational training centres around Quebec will reopen their doors to train aspiring nursing-home orderlies as part of a new provincial program.


This is a follow-up to my letter published in the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph on May 13 wherein I invited your readers to join me in my fight to have a racist slur removed from an exhibition at the Musée de la Civilisation de Québec.

OBITUARY: Madeleine (Boulet) HOBBS

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Madeleine Boulet, wife of the late Mr. Edward Hobbs and daughter of the late Armand Boulet and the late Jeanne Breton, passed away on March 8, 2020, at the age of 97, at Saint Brigid’s Home in Quebec City.

A commemorative mass will take place at a later date.

OBITUARY: Sheila Ann (born Kennedy) LEGER

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Water bomber takes practice runs over Lac Saint-Joseph

Photos by Cassandra Kerwin


Campgrounds are opening … with new rules and regulations

Photo: Lise Lafond

With all the travel restrictions and closed borders, going camping may be one of the few solutions left for us to gather and take a family vacation.

Enjoying the good life after three months of COVID confinement

Photos by Cassandra Kerwin


People lined up for some delicious ice cream on Avenue Maguire.


Julia Caron is the new voice of Quebec AM

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Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

It was 2009, and Julia Caron had just finished a long afternoon teaching English in Cap-Rouge. The excruciatingly slow bus ride through downtown traffic ended a few stops early, because the 2010 Olympic torch relay was scheduled to come through Place d’Youville. Caron heard protesters chanting and, intrigued, stepped a bit closer.

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