A thousand years’ worth of monarchical gore and gossip

(Press Release) – From crackpot kings to headless queens and eccentric emperors, royal families through the ages have provided an unending supply of horribly endearing characters. On Monday, September 17, Sheryl Wright Mercer presents “Monarchical Mayhem and Misadventures,” an entertaining romp through the vanities and miseries of a millennia-worth of royals, beginning in the sandy reaches of Ancient Egypt and marching through gore and gossip to the present day. Please join us at the Morrin Centre at 1:30 p.m. for an hour-long illustrated talk, and learn how lucky we are to be among the peasantry. Admission is free.

Sheryl Wright Mercer was born and raised in Quebec City, attended Quebec High School, the University of New Brunswick and Carleton University’s School of Journalism before launching herself into the world of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. After working in the English language for Quebec AM, Sheryl moved to Toronto to work in French for Radio-Canada, where she culminated her career as a television producer and director. Two children and many years of volunteer work of various sorts prepared Sheryl for her current incarnation as a researcher and presenter of talks on historic subjects. For more information or to reserve a seat, please contact the Morrin Centre at 418-694-9147 or visit www.morrin.org.