There's only one National Sport in Quebec, and it ain't Hockey!

Go Canadiens, Nordiques Go


     Isn't it strange how everything in Quebec City, and the whole province for that matter, becomes a political issue? Here we have Quebec City looking to reclaim it's old hockey team back, and then there's that other team down the road, (the 20 or the 40, take your pick) who have been around for more than a century, and which was recently proclaimed by Mr. Duceppe as a tool for the federalists - yep here come the politics. Gradually the fight to have the Nordiques back in Quebec City is becoming a political battle. If the Canadiens are for the federalists, then I guess the Nordiques must be for the nationalists, (aka seperatists). So once again we have a new political strategy in Quebec, Canadiens versus Nordiques, which normally would be a healthy rivalry in hockey terms, but is shapeing into a rivalry between nationalists and federalists. The 'marche bleu' Saturday Oct. 2, was a huge success and it was apparently organized to obtain federal money to indirectly support a supposedly national hockey team - paradox?, you betcha, but as I've said before Quebec is a province of paradoxes. If they wanted federal money, shoudn't there have been Canadian flags flying everywhere in that crowd to show Ottawa just how patriotic Les Quebecois could be and how much they love Canada. It makes sense to me, but of course there wasn't a red maple leaf to be seen - the Conservative colors might be blue, but their hearts are red. Of course it would have been very hypocritical, and Les Quebecois certainly aren't hypocrites. 

One of the speakers at the 'blue march', pardon my translation, proclaimed that the Nordiques were not just a team for Quebec City, but indeed for the whole province. Was this to increase future ticket sales or was it a crowd motivater for the nationalist movement? Aren't the Nordiques a team to represent Quebec City, or are they simply going to be another promotional tool to advance the cause for the Quebec Nation. Unfortunately and obviously, it all comes down to politics once again and a real manipulation tool for votes. When and if we ever get the Nordiques back in Quebec City, I would hope that when they play Les Canadiens on home ice, we don't have Canadian flags at one end of the rink and Quebec flags at the other end, that would be sad, but that's what appears to be happening. Go Politics Go.