Tea for two


I happened across a wonderful little place on my way to the Grand Theatre the other day. It's a small japanese "tea room and lounge" called Sebz, (yes that's a "z" on the end) decorated as if you were in Japan or somewhere very zen. If any of you are familiar with the tea shops in Vancouver or Victoria, Sebz is right up there with them, a very unique and original place right here in Quebec City. I am a very traditional, or you could even say, conservative tea drinker, but for someone who likes variety, the choice is almost endless. And I don't think there's a tea Sebastian the owner, who is almost always there, doesn't have or can't recommend to any tea "connoisseur". And there is a huge variety of tea things which you can buy if you're really into tea.

Another thing, which made me as an anglophone, feel welcome and comfortable, is the fact that Sebastian is part of our community, and speaking english in his establishment is completely acceptable, and even welcomed. It was fun to discuss and chat in english in a commercial environment in our beautiful city. I recommend you drop in and say hello. But if you're going to ask for milk and sugar with your tea, I suggest you be discreet. Apparently tea is not appreciated at it's best if drowned in "other substances". But Seb knows I take milk and sugar now, so this tea spoiler won't have to ask anymore. The address is 67 Rene Levesque est. Enjoy.