A tale of upper and lower cases

Last week, a Letter to the Editor "Authority...who has it?" from Mac Wigfield made a fuss over uppercase "Church" and lowercase "church". Basically, the author disagrees with the Catholic Church's claim to be the only Church founded by Jesus Christ (who is true Man and true God).

I only have two comments. First comment: Just as you can't play a hockey game in a phone booth, I can't solve this problem in a tiny newspaper article. My preferred approach is through a respectful and constructive e-mail debate, posted on the Internet for all to see. If you're interested, just google my name. (Newspapers normally censor the name of my personal web site.)

Second comment: If you want to play games with uppercase and lowercase, don't forget it goes both ways. Your opinion might not be Opinion. If you claim that: "no denominational name can ever possess or provide an exclusive right of passage through the valley of the shadow and into the presence of God", that is just your lowercase opinion. Moreover, it is a demonstrably false opinion. Indeed, if Almighty and All-Knowing God decides that He will have One and only One Church, then He can do it.

Did God really found One and Only One Church, and if so, is that Church the Roman Catholic Church? See my first comment. But don't try to handcuff God's power with lowercase opinions.

Stefan Jetchick