Take a walk with The Barefoot Professor

The bearded gentleman sitting quietly between his wife and commentator Aiden Roberts in front of the large audience at the Morrin Center seemed to be looking around the room at the arriving people.

Then I noticed a white cane standing in a corner of the room. As Roberts used prompts to question Dr. William Buck, it became evident that the distinguished author of The Barefoot Professor...any Footprints? was blind. From his acute recall of details of events going back to the early beginnings of his 80 years, it was obvious, however, that only his vision was impaired. As he talked about the life that brought him from poverty to international recognition as a veterinary toxicologist and professor, I was eager to get my hands on a copy of his book.

Dr. Buck's southern drawl and wit, mixed with interjections by his lovely wife Louise Marie Côté, caught and held the full attention of the audience. A group of young people sitting in the audience were treated to inspirational advice from the professor about working hard and not being afraid of looking at alternate ways to attain their goals in life. The author answered questions about his life and career, and encouraged others to write their own life stories.

In the preface written by his wife Louise Marie Côté, she proposed that we each take a barefoot walk into Bill's life. So far, I have only had time to take a peek at the autobiography, but I plan to take that walk soon.