Editorial policy of the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph

What happens to your material after you submit it to the QCT?


Chronicling our community wouldn't be half as much fun without your help. We thank all those who submit material, tips, and photographs for possible inclusion in the Quebec Chronicle Telegraph (QCT). We welcome submissions about events of interest to English-language readers in the Quebec City region. We publish and/or follow up on submissions at our discretion, including fact checking, editing, and possible treatment as a tip or lead for further development by our team.  

All submissions are subject to fact checking, editing, and editorial approval. In addition, we often assign a journalist to follow up on the material submitted. This enables us to double-check facts, and ideally to present our readers with a variety of perspectives on the topic.  

Before submitting material to us, please make sure it is clear and accurate. We cover a wide range of activities and a busy events schedule for the city, and as a result we often work on tight deadlines. It is the responsibility of the individual submitting material to verify names, dates and times, and other basic facts prior to submitting.

As a result, it is possible that your submission will be treated as a tip or lead, rather than as a final article. In this case, the QCT journalist or staff member assigned to the topic will be credited for the final article. Once you have submitted material to the QCT, we operate on the assumption that you understand that we may or may not use some or all of it.

Typical items we accept from the community include articles of local interest (300-400 words, plus a photo in which all individuals are identified), tips and leads, announcements of coming events, and letters to the editor. The QCT does not pay for unsolicited content. We accept English texts as print-ready submissions; translation from French must be done prior to submission. (The QCT does not guarantee translation of French submissions, and reserves the right to charge a fee for translation). The QCT does not publish fiction or poetry.

Particularly in the case of Letters to the Editor, commentaries, and political perspectives, anonymous submissions will not be published. If you have something to say and wish to keep your identity confidential, please contact the editor directly prior to submitting your material. In accordance with the policy of the Conseil de Presse du Québec, the QCT reserves the right to protect the identity of sources at our discretion.

In the case of photographs, we need to know a few things before we can publish them. When you send a photo, please provide the name of the photographer and the names of the people in the picture or what was taking place (i.e., a brief caption of no more than one sentence). If you are submitting a photograph taken by someone else, please be sure that you have the photographer’s permission to submit it to us before sending it in.

Not sure about your submission?

If you wish to submit an item to us but are not sure whether it would be appropriate or of interest to readers, we invite you to contact us directly to find out.