Strange Tales from the Sea….

The Karen Young Choir perform at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Strange Tales from the Seas.jpg

 The Karen Young Choirpresents Strange Tales from the Isles at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, 31 rue Des Jardins, in Quebec City on Friday, May 27, at 8:00 p.m.Continuing her exploration of choral polyphony after the production and launch on her record label URSH of her polychoral mass Missa Campanula, singer/composer Karen Young is now offering us Strange Tales from the Isles, a cycle of arrangements for eight voices, harp and upright bass, of old traditional songs from the British Isles. Karen Young has once again surrounded herself with marvellous musicians: soprano Coral Egan, altos Josée Lalonde and Linda Morrison, tenors Phil Dutton and Jon Davis, basses Normand Richard and David Cronkite, harpist Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau and bassist Pierre Cartier. One by one, each singer tells an intriguing story of love, jealousy and mourning, complete with magic spells, from the vast traditional repertoire of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. Less solemn than Missa Campanula, these new musical arrangements of old stories deal with real and imaginary passions, tragic and humorous, of a life very different but people very much the same.Tickets $40 for the first 8 rows, $30 for row 9 and following rows. Available at on the following link to see an extract of the song  Lie Near Me by Scottish poet Robert Burns.