The story behind Rue Dalhousie

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Photo: Screenshot from Google Maps

Rue Dalhousie is in the Cité Limoilou borough and follows the shoreline of the St. Lawrence River from the Québec-Lévis ferry terminal on Boulevard Champlain, across the drawbridge of Louise Basin, to Rue Abraham-Martin in front of the Bunge grain elevators. The Musée de la Civilisation de Québec is located on this street, and large cruise ships dock along the waterfront, making the area a popular tourist attraction.

This street is named in honour of George Ramsay (1770-1838), the ninth Earl of Dalhousie, who was governor general of British North America from 1820 to 1828. Unable to put an end to the rivalry between the Executive Council and the Legislative Assembly, he was recalled to London in 1828.