STREET VIEWS: The story behind Rue Cockburn

6519_cockburn painting.jpg
Photo: Library and Archives Canada (Common Domain)

The Neptune Inn (1830) is just one of many watercolours by James Pattison Cockburn. Located at the corner of Côte de la Montagne and Saute-au-Matelot, the inn went out of business about 1870. Until 1899, it housed the offices of the Morning Chronicle (a forerunner of the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph).

This street is named in honour of James Pattison Cockburn (1779-1847), a British Army officer and watercolourist, born in New York.

In 1793 Cockburn entered the Royal Military Academy of Woolwich in London, where he learned to draw landscapes as required for topography. He developed the qualities that characterized his style: fine lines, perspective detail and topographic precision.