The story behind Avenue Conway

7319_street construction.jpg
Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

The construction of this metal trestle on the side of Dinan Hill (Côte Dinan) in 1897 allowed the tramway to circulate between Lower and Upper Town in Quebec City.

This street was named after Edmund Conway (1858-1938), the owner of the land on which it was laid out. He built his house on this street, and he also ran a coal and wood business there until his death.

Edmond Conway was my great grandfather. His son Al took over his father's business. Al's house was at the corner of Conway Avenue and the Canardière Road. He later move to the municipality of Shannon where you will find another Conway Avenue named after him.

I have the name Conway in my family - going way back. I wonder if Edmund was any relation. Will do some research...